If you’re one of life’s best things?…… then this little gem should be on your bucket list!

What an amazing design! if you fit in one of these beauties then you will want one…. they are so beautiful that you may even want one if you don’t fit!

This is one of the latest offerings from the SKUK crew, and was it worth waiting for? YES it was, its set to take the prize from the Pilgrim and lesser known “expedition squish”, which are specially prepared cut down versions of the standard Pilgrim, both will now be discontinued, but this (in my opinion) is way better! it’s so slim, fast, beautiful and brilliantly balanced if you wanted a kayak just to adorn your fireplace… and your fireplace was very big, this would be it, but don’t think this elegant kayak is just for looking at, its way better than that, its fast and sleek, and boy can it turn (yes I have Paddled it, ok ok, so it was a little bit tight!) it still has very strong edges with masses of support on those long rails, if you’re a bit bigger but would like to use it as a greenland rolling boat it will hold its own for sure.

Great for a youngster or small adult. 45-65 kg

Length 507cm (16ft 7”)
Width 51cm (20” inches)

Front hatch approx. 62lts
Rear hatch approx. 40.5lts
Day hatch approx. 31.7lts
Cockpit approx. 120lts

Heres what Nigel Says:

This kayak has been designed for the smaller paddler. Its fast and maneuverable, it has a keyhole cockpit and a low deck to minimize the effect of wind
The kayak rolls well and is fast for its length.

This boat is designed for folk 45-65 kgs and therefore the smallest kayak in our range, perfect for folk that are too small for the Pilgrim.

The Echo is very attractive with new slim lines