Buying a Kayak

I am quite confident that there is a perfect SKUK/NDK kayak for you within its huge range, all we need to do is find out which one it is, we are not a busy shop so we do have time to spend with you to help you find your perfect fit.

First we will find the type of kayak you are looking for, then we will offer you 2-3 choices of kayaks that fit, next we will get you to try it for size (bit like a pair of shoes) then we will give one or two boats a try on the water.

When you are certain that you have made the right choice we will fit your chosen kayak out so that it feels very comfortable, this may take a good few hours, its a lot of money so lets get it right!


How to order a kayak through Southern Sea Kayaks

If you know which model of kayak you’re after that’s great, if not please contact me and we can arrange a demo.

Once you’ve decided on the right kayak for you, its time to choose the colours, click here for our RAL colour chart.

Next you need to make a choice on the seat, high performance glass seat or foam. Wire or rope skeg and any other extras you may like for your kayak. Click here for more kayak options.

A 25% deposit for standard boats and a 50% deposit for custom orders will be required upon ordering with the final amount payable when your brand new boat arrives in 2-5 weeks time.