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this boat has hit the market and been very well recieved, this is designed for smaller folk 45-65 kg, it is a traditional design and is quite fast for a 16'7" boat, its only real competition in the sea kayak market place is its stable mate the Pilgrim!, so small folk now have choice, Souther Sea Kayaks will have a demo of this boat for you to try shortly.

Plastic Fantastic, with the new Romany Sportive prototype, smaller than the Sport but the same great pedigree, a 100% winner at this years dealers meet this is bound to be a big seller, superbly nimble with rock steady tracking and perfect for the lighter rockhopper, I will have a demo of this by November and cant wait to show it off, this boat is a class beater for sure.


From this year all NDK/SKUK kayaks will have the deck, midband and hull RAL numbers on the ID label inside, very handy for repairs in later life especially given the amount of custom kayaks now being sold.

New ID label with RAL numbers

With 3 orders this month alone for 50/50 layup Kayaks it is an understandably very popular choice, carbon kevlar is used for the deck whilst the hull is the usual tough glass fibre layup, this reduces the weight with most boats coming out between 21-23 kgs, for a little flare the 50/50 layup comes as standard with a large C/K dragon logo and a C/K seat and CK bulkheads, a truly great solution for a tough but lightweight construction.  

This 50/50 Pilgrim weighs 19.5kg

Very excited to be the official Southern dealer for outside engineerings new to the market LARS (Load Assist Roof rack System) I have a demo fixed up on my own van and I love it. I can fairly easily lift 4 kayaks on my own, so is it better than a karitec? well I certainly think so, come and have a look and a try yourself.

Also will be retailing Kayak Carrier Systems range of J Bars, Trolleys and loading solutions, the J bars are a perfect companion for the LARS and custom made will support your boat in position while you strap it up!


We are very excited to hear from Nigel that NDK are in the process of manufacturing a new smaller sized Romany Sport (RM plastic) the boat will be a great rock hopping version of the existing Romany sport but with a lower volume for smaller folk (like me) I think this will be well recieved and an ideal Kayak for our rugged coastline, especially given that the current sport model is virtually bomb proof and very popular, mine is pre-ordered :-) we have 6 in various colours for which we hope to collect around May.


This is the plug ready to make the aluminium mould

As most NDK (SKUK) paddlers will know. We have a large range of kayaks for the small, medium, large and extra large paddler. We offer both day kayaks and expedition kayaks for all of the above sized paddlers with the exception of the Romany Excel. 

The Romany Excel has proved to be a popular kayak for the larger more power full paddler. At the last dealers meet we discussed the need for a longer Romany Excel. This will then give the option of the current day kayak or the faster rough water expedition kayak. This will be ready for production in May 2017

As the demand for custom artwork increases so does the complexity of design. It is for this reason that we will now have standard charges for basic art work but anything more advanced and complicated will need to be quoted.

SKUK have introduced a new seat with more shape (less flat) and we also have a new bucket seat. These seats can also be fitted into existing kayaks

The Quantum - A high volume fast expedition kayak

This has been designed and tested by Peter Major and will be exclusively manufactured by SKUK.

The kayak has two large oval hatches, a day hatch, recessed compass and a rudder that folds into the deck. This is actually a feature as all too many are left flopping around the deck and many are more like a dagger poised to strike when being rescued.

It has quite a straight rocker line but good stability for a kayak of this type. Fitted with a rudder to maximize speed and control in Intermediate to advanced conditions.

The Quantum Stern

The stern of the Quantum showing the recess for the rudder

The Quantum

Peter polishing the plug. As you can see the bow has been designed to cut through the water with enough volume to stop the bow burying.


This Kayak is available to order now!


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