Alaw Bach Repair

Alaw Bach Repair

Dedicated to service it said and dedicated to service he was.

I had heard SSK and Steve Jones be mentioned a few times in the past and following a lively Sea Kayak Leader training course recently found that I had a need for his services.

On meeting him and chatting it was immediately clear that he was a knowledgable and experienced sea kayaker who loved what he does.

Before I had even showed him the damage to my boat, which was the reason I was there, he had the seat out of my boat and fixed the biggest frustration of this years paddling.

Practical, lateral thinking and with a great knowledge of kayaks and how they are built I thought.

I showed Steve the damage to the bottom which was white, conveniently, and then to some cracks on the top which is orange with glitter rather inconveniently.

He set my expectation in terms of price and turn around and we shook hands and I left my boat with him.

Fast forward a few days, and some messages where he kept me abreast of developments, he told me that the work was completed.