Alaw Bach Repair (Continued)

Alaw Bach Repair (Continued)

I arrived to collect my boat and was curious to see how the repairs would look.

Delighted is all I can say.

He managed to match the colour on the orange deck and do the repairs so that you would only see them if you really looked. He also glassed on the inside to strengthen the repair rather that it be just cosmetic.

The white underside was repaired superbly, there were a few chunks of gel coat missing and left on rocks near lulworth so he had his work cut out.

I was extremely pleased with his work.

What do I owe you I asked him, the response was more than reasonable and I paid with a smile and a grateful heart.

To get to the point, I would recommend Steve to everyone and point out that he is a thoroughly nice, knowledgable, conscientious and cheery gentleman to deal with. Just speaking with him brightened up my day, I kid you not.

I really look forward to dealing with Steve again!Continued