4 Piece Straight 208-218 carbon shaft with Alloy Lever Lock and Carbon Kinetic Pro 650 Blades




4 Piece Straight standard diameter carbon shaft 208cms extending to 218cms, complete with Alloy Lever Lock, and Carbon Kinetic 650 blades.

This is our most popular choice of paddle its length is easily adaptable to suit most paddlers, though shorter and longer lengths are available for shorter or taller paddlers.

Reflective Hardwearing Stickers useful for night paddling

The size of the blades is also an important consideration, smaller or long distance paddlers would be well advised to go for the 600 Carbon Kinetic Pro, where stronger paddlers or rock hoppers and tide race enthusiasts may prefer the 700 or 750 Carbon Kinetic Pro Blades.

Advice and fitting always a pleasure.

Demos always available