Sea Guide Towline with dmm Wire Gate Carabiner




Designed to be used by guides, leaders & coaches.

The priority in making this device was functionality. The user is likely to deploy the device on a regular basis & needs a simple system which can be repacked in rough water and then be deployed again.

The bag has two tows:

  • Main Tow
  • Second Tow

The two connectors are positioned further forward on the belt on large easy to locate fixed loops. There is a one way zip which only permits the main tow to be stowed in one position that is on the left side. Therefore the main tow can only be located on one side, keeping things simple.

​The zip pull is a yellow ball on a cord. There is a wide band of reflective element on the top & side of the bag.

​The 14metre towline is made of floating 19mm tape connected back to the stainless ring & elastic webbing which is connected to a central pivot point inside the bag.
The tape is very light, easy to repack & dries quickly.