KCS Kayak Roof Loader



Our New system fits all vehicles. estates, 4 x 4’s and some saloon cars with the attachment of a strap and our hook to either on the tailgate or bumper, it’s quick and easy to fit allowing a kayak to be loaded in a couple of minutes.

Designed with the rollers in a V … ensuring that when loading the kayak there is no possibility of the kayak veering off centre, as with a straight roller system they do not stop the kayak from going to the left or right.

Innovation and Design Kayak Roof Loader

KCS are leading in the design of new products and when time allows we will be announcing some new products, as we have been so busy this year they have been delayed in development.

Our Kayak Roof Loader is one example of how an idea comes to being. Having made some concept Loaders we ended up with the final very practical design and refined it for going onto the market. The design allows the kayak or anything else which is difficult to get up and onto the roof with ease, the slight V shape of the rollers mean that the kayak will load straight up onto the roof bars or V Cradles without it wandering off to one side or the other.

We have several designs in progress and these will be on the market very soon as with all new concepts they have to be thoroughly tested before being available. The ones we are currently working on are very new ideas and not been on the market by any other companies before.