Lift Assist Roofrack System (LARS)

Whilst picking up some supplies at SKUK I thought I would put the LARS to the ultimate test, 4 boats on me own! this rack is awesome. I regularly carry 5 kayaks on my rack for the 300 mile journey home and feel confident that the kayaks are safe with Ronnie’s excellent J bars totally unscathed.

Really great to be able to offer this system to my customers, this is truly unique, a rack that can carry upto 5 kayaks and you can probably load it yourself! I am very proud to be able to supply this system by Outside Engineering and look forward to being able to help you with advice and installation.

More information will follow shortly but as always feel free to call or message me.


New to the market for the great price of £725.00 fitted.

Your new LARS will be custom made to fit your vehicle and can be wide enough to carry 5 kayaks if the carrying capacity of your vehicle allows, add to this that it will be fitted for you FOC, whats not to like.