Celtic Paddles

The Celtic Pro range: This range is designed for the Intermediate to Advanced paddler who wants a light strong paddle. These are manufactured in Holyhead, available with straight or cranked carbon shaft with Carbon blades. Virtually any combination of blades and shafts are available with a standard 4 piece paddle, I suggest you call me 07770 811616 for recommendations and further information.

The importance of a paddle that fits you can never be overstated, the right sized blades, shaft length and shape will help to eliminate sore wrists and shoulders and help with forward speed & manoeuvrability, Celtic paddles offer a huge range with something to suit everyone and every budget. Please feel free to call for help with a selection to suit your needs.

In addition to our PRO range we offer Polycarbonate for all abilities, if you are just starting out a quality Celtic blade can help with your progress and confidence.

A wide range of paddles are available to try,
feel free to contact me on 07770 811616.

To order, simply send an email to info@sseak.co.uk or call 07770 811616 with your requirements, we will then issue you with an invoice just prior to you receiving your paddle in the post.

We are happy to supply customers overseas but there will unfortunately be an additional postage charge

For more details on shaft lengths, locking systems etc please call me for some advice.

Celtic Paddles Leverlok, extremely effective joint and reliable locking mechanism allowing you to easily adjust length and feather quickly with no need for an alan key, also available in a new plastic version, same strong characteristics but much easier to operate for smaller hands.

Vari-padlok, allows 3 length settings and feather adjustment, tightening the joint with an alan key. Standard feather is set at 60 degrees.