Carriers & Trolleys

Really excited to be working with Ronnie to bring you these first class KCS products have been tried and tested for years and were the first on the market using High Density Virgin Polypropylene

which is UV protected and scratch resistant.

Almost indestructible

Using only the highest grade of materials available in our production.

Manufactured from 12mm polypropylene and scientifically heat bending to form a permanent and everlasting shape, these products will never loose shape.

KCS are the only company to heat bend polypropylene for this application.

Designed by Sea Kayakers, KCS products are robust, strong and durable meeting all the requirements for transporting your Sea Kayak safely to your destination.

J – Cradles ( the first product produced ) and V – Cradles are designed to absorb all the shocks and vibration away from your valuable kayak while in transit and do not require additional supports.

KCS  have just designed a new J-Cradle especially for

SKUK,and all makes and models of SEA KAYAKS

they are bespoke for every make and model … at no extra cost!

The KCS EXPEDITION TROLLEY is second to none, and is the most

popular trolley available meeting all the requirements required by

sea kayakers for either day or extended trips.

Light weight ( 3 kilos approx. ) yet strong and robust can be packed away in the rear hatch in just a few parts and in seconds.

The KCS Trolley will take a fully laden Sea Kayak to the sea over sand and rough terrain or on a long portage.

We will have a large range of KCS products to buy off the shelf and are happy to install for you free of charge!

I will have a list of prices and products up in due course but in the meantime feel free to give a call or message