Who’d Have Thought.

Who’d Have Thought.

February has been busy so far! As busy for sure as any other month with new kayak sales which is great, several repairs and a stream of enquiries which proves that the message is being spread wide and far. I have a lot to be thankful for, my customers are happy to be getting a good deal and a good service and are pleased to tell their friends about it, what’s not to like.

Mainly through new kayak sales this month have been a month for new custom kayaks with the 50/50 layup proving again to be very popular, there is good reason for this, the 50/50 kayak obviously comes with a Carbon Kevlar (CK) top deck, but also the awesome foredeck dragon logo, as well as the CK bulkheads and the CK performance seat, additionally there is the option for Alpha jewels which seem to totally make any colour pop! but when you purchase a SKUK kayak from SSK I am really happy to work with colours and designs, anything from a Union Jack emblazoned across the foredeck to minor tweaks or extra deck fitting for sails etc, and the chaps at SKUK are always willing to accommodate wherever possible.

We have in stock the awesome Whetman “Kraken” Carabiner, and once you have seen one and felt the quality it’s quite likely you will want at least one, so if you visiting ask to see one and I promise it won’t do your wallet too much harm. I have been busily adding new items to the shop, so keep an eye on the website.

I have tried to make the website more visible of Google as still customers tell me they didn’t know we existed, I have changed a few settings and linked it a bit more with our facebook page as well as getting my daughter to show me the basics of Instagram (groan) but it would be really good if people could share the page and click the like button.

There is some really exciting news to come next month, I am almost bursting to tell you all and I probably have told some that I shouldn’t have but all will be revealed soon, I promise.

Roger approached SSK for a kayak for him to paddle the Danube, 2800 Kms what better way than with the awesome Latitude, a Celtic 208-218 with CKP 650 blades. Obviously I will be looking forward to some nice pictures of Roger kitted out in his sweatshirt and Tee Shirt gifts.

Having sold a great many Celtic Pro paddles over the last few weeks I realise that it was time that I showed that we are a sillier for all pockets and purchased some N12 650 blades, essentially the same blades as the Carbon Kinetic Pro blades except a lot cheaper, these are available in store now, complete with a full Carbon shaft adjustable from 208-218 for 194.00, still the same great 4 piece product, just a little heavier, and nearly half the price. these would of course make an excellent spare for your deck?

These Foam Blocks are proving very popular, they are 100% recycled and available in various thicknesses, I use them for a variety of jobs but they are really good as footplates for this of us that art so keen on footpegs. they are available in the shop an online for £10 each.