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The amazing Explorer! all the biggest, furthest and fastest expeditions will have an Explorer amongst them, probably the best known NDK kayak, Fast, agile and steady, this comfortable design will fit you like an old shoe. many have tried to copy this design and failed this kayak is the real deal. 

The Latitude, this boat has quickly become a favorite for tall slim folk from all over the world, relatively new to the NDK stable, and designed for folk a little to big for the pilgrim that like a bit more speed, it will turn heads as it is beautiful but on the sea its sleek lines will carve through waves and deliver you safetely to you destination.

Full Carbon kevlar, very lightweight and tough

The Romany barely needs any introduction, possibly the best allrounder in the world, and that is not an exaggeration! available in 5 different sizes and soon another rotomoulded dont need to search the internet for long to realise that this kayak is world famous for all the right reasons.

same as this with a black rim and seat awaiting collection

Romany Sport, bomb proof is a word often associated with this single layer quality rotomoulded superyak, fast and playful, with enough carry space to camp for a week! Look out for the Romany Sport LV about to make its debut any time.

grey over a black hull this is a stunning classic
This beautiful Romany surf won't be here for long

Romany Surf, This boat is designed for the medium to med-large built paddler, and its a gem! people who buy this boat dont let go of them, test me if you like, look and see how many secondhand ones are for sale!

This Pilgrim looks stunning in melon yellow
This 3 piece Romany Classic is the perfect travelling companion

Occasionally we have some trade ins or ex-demo boats that we are able to offer at reasonable prices, please ask if there is anything we can help with:

Three piece
Trip Planning






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