Southern Sea Kayaks

When I started kayaking it seemed the perfect hobby choice, free access to a changeable, dynamic environment, but the sea can be a testing environment, not just for paddler development but for equipment and it is expensive making the wrong choices with paddles, kayaks and the required large range of equipment needed for us to be safe and comfortable. Now I am able to offer my customers the benefit of my own experiences goodand bad, offering tried and tested products that I believe in, A small business run by Steve Jones, servicing the needs of kayakers in the South of England, I provide a personal service for clients who would like to purchase SKUK/Nigel Dennis kayaks and Celtic Paddles. Along with a range of other sea kayak items from top suppliers within the UK. The full SKUK range of kayaks can be ordered through us, and collected from Blandford or delivered. Celtic paddles can be sent direct to your door within 3-5 days as well as that we offer a wide range of trolleys & roof rack systems. My goal is to develop a relationship with my customers helping them make decisions that help them and in the long run save them money.

I am committed to NDK Kayaks and firmly believe it is not possible to buy a better quality kayak.  As a small business I have time for you, I am happy to help you choose a kayak that is perfect for you both in size and temperament for your favourite type of paddling, in addition I will outfit your new kayak free of charge to give you great all round contact that will help improve your whole paddling experience. There is no hard sell here and you should feel free to pop in for a coffee and a kayak chat as well as having a look at some of the great products on offer to you.

Please check with me as a range of kayaks is always available for immediate delivery, and are held in stock both here in Shillingstone and at the factory in Holyhead, When ordering a custom made kayak through us, please allow 2-5 weeks lead time as these are built  to your exact specific requirements.

Demo Kayaks are available and every effort will be made to ensure we get the right boat for you, there is a small charge for this service which will be fully refunded on any new kayak ordered, please ask for more details

For more information on 'how to order a kayak through Southern Sea Kayaks' please click here


If you would like a quote for a custom built kayak please send us an email and we will deal with your request and make the process as fast and simple as possible.

We hold a full range of standard Celtic Carbon Pro paddles for paddle sizing purposes, so please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing a new, high quality celtic paddle and would like to check the correct size blades, shaft or just want to have a look before making a purchase.


I also offer a kayak repair service, please call 07770 811616


Happy paddling!